Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Every Box Needs a Disguise

After all the fun and giggles A-Bear and I had over her H.I.P.S. inspired box I just could not resist returning it to her with a little added bonus. I stopped by a local costume shop and found the perfect disguise for her tiny treasure.

Naturally I had to play around with it a bit before taking it back over to her house. HE! HE! Last night Lizman and I went over to A-Bear's before a mini carving event. I just told her I would leave her H.I.P.S. box by her computer. I figured she would not even look at it for a few days. I left Lizman there and then returned to visit after we were done carving. A-Bear asked me to set a few things up on her computer and all of a sudden she noticed the box and squealed. At first she thought it was real hair from Mr. Blackvelvetrav. I was totally dying! How on Earth could I resist? I am still laughing this morning over her reaction to the box. I guess I was just divinely inspired by the creativity of her box. Either that or I was just up to no good! You be the judge.

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