Sunday, August 29, 2010

Idaho City and Placerville Late Night Letterboxing

Statue at the Visitor Center in Idaho City

"Grimes or Splawn" at the Visitor Center

Curly Q Finds "Go Wildcats"

Buckblackhoofs First Plant near the Football Field in Idaho City

Idaho Fixer Upper!

Raisin the Big Pei of Adventure

Jay the Little Pei of Adventure

Searching for "Guarded Gates" at the Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery

Interesting Iron Work at the Cemetery

Curly Q Logs Into "The Boy Who Pet Bee's" Box

Curly Q Finds "Choir of One"

Finally Made it to Placerville to Find "W.F.C" and "Funny Looking Elk" in the Dark

Following the Clues

Stamping in the Dark

We Will Have to Come Back in the Daylight

Saturday night I was getting ready to go letterboxing with the Pei's of Adventure and we received a call from Curly Q's mom. As luck would have it Curly Q had a free evening. The Pei's and I zipped over to pick her up (she lives in the same neighborhood) and we hit the road.

It seems to be that Idaho City and Placerville have become a hot boxing spot. Although it was already after 5 p.m. we decided it was worth the drive to nab the new boxes that had recently been planted in both tiny towns. The drive from our house to Idaho City is a little over an hour.

Our first stop was the Visitors Center and A-Bears new "Grimes or Splawn" box. We made quick business of finding the box and stamping in. It was actually a good time of night to be there because the town was very quiet and no one was around. We nabbed the box easily without worries of muggles.

Our next stop was to find "Go Wildcats" that was just planted by Buckblackhoof. The box is his first plant and he did a great job carving and planting. Neither of us knew that there was a football field in Idaho City just outside of town. The Pei's enjoyed our second stop since they were able to be off leash.

Our third stop was to find "Guarded Gates" at the Pioneer Cemetery in Idaho City. This is a favorite place of mine to visit. The iron work, the mature pine trees and the beautiful headstones are amazing. Each time I visit I find new headstones or plots that I have never seen before. We found Boomer's Amigo's box and then I helped Curly Q "slack box" just a bit and pointed her in the right direction to find my "Choir of One" box and "The Boy Who Pet Bee's" box.

Although the sun was setting we pushed on to Placerville. This was total back road driving as we left the pavement and followed the curvy dirt road 14 miles to our destination. Neither of us had visited Placerville before and to be honest we didn't see much as it was dark by the time we arrived in the tiny old mining town. Eventually I hope to go back to visit the museum's and capture the spirit of the city with my camera.

We did not waste any time and headed straight for Crazy Mountain Women's "Funny Looking Elk" box. Somehow I left my large flashlights and headlamps back in Boise. All we had with us was one tiny flashlight. We were able to follow the clues quickly but it was hard to find the rotting log in the dark. After really feeling around we found the box and returned to the car to stamp in. We both had twigs and sticks in our hair.

Our last stop was locating the Placerville Pioneer Cemetery for a box planted by A-Bear called "W.F.C." We missed the little wooden signs and had to double back twice to locate the cemetery. We were thrilled to find that we could drive through and watched for the clues from the car because we needed the headlights. As luck would have it we spotted the crosses we were looking for and then estimated the location of the box. We found it just where it should have been. I would love to go back to see this cemetery in the day light.

I know we hit the road back to Boise pretty late. Unfortunately my tummy turned sour on the drive back and I was a little ill. I think it was the combination of no food, windy dark roads, the strong smell of smoke from forest fires and my dog's that pushed me over the edge. Ugh! We didn't get home until after 11 p.m. I went straight to bed as soon as I got home.

In all I found 5 boxes Saturday night (Curly Q found 7). As I was logging in my finds last night another box was listed for Idaho City. It looks like we will be heading that direction again soon!

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