Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

This post is a special snap shot of boxes that have been found this past week from all over the country from boxers who are willing to share their adventures.

In a nut shell the boxer sends me a snap shot Blackvelvetrav@yahoo.com with the treasure they have found (only the container showing to protect the identify of the carving), the boxes name, the boxers trail name, the city and state it was found in (unless it's a mystery) and three words to describe the adventure. Quick, easy and fun (hay that's three words)!

I didn't receive any treasure reports this week so this Tuesday is a full adventure report from me.

Last night Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I hit the trail in Boise in search of Capperpillar's new "As You Wish" box. It was pretty toasty out last night but we were willing to brave the evening heat. I didn't realize that I had left pretty paper in the printer so my clues were very decorative.

As Mr. Blackvelvetrav led the way (he is a man on a mission when it comes to boxing) I was busy steering clear of the millions of miniature grasshoppers that were bouncing around. With every step you could hear them and see them in the brush. But what was even more startling than the little brown hoppers (I have never liked grasshoppers) were these giant yellow and black spiders that had populated the hills with webs. I was able to control my heebie jeebies and we made it to the box in record time. Did I mention Mr. Blackvelvetrav was zooming down the trail. I also spotted beatles, four deer and yellow finches on the way to the box.

I was so excited when I opened the box because I had spotted this very carving in Capperpillars LTC binder at our event on Saturday. There I was drooling over it and begging her to save me one of the cards. Low and behold not only was the stamp there but also a First Finder LTC. I was in boxing heaven. And to top it off Capperpillar had made this amazing logbook and stamp pouch. Dang she has taken it up a notch again. What are we going to do with that girl? Amazing carving, beautiful logbook and stamp pouch. She totally spoils us here in Boise with her boxes. Looks like she and I better be spending some quality time together on logbook construction because I really need help in that department.

I better get some of my carvings finished so I can wow and dazzle Capperpillar when she returns from visiting family out of state. She deserves a special find after that amazing box when she returns.

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  1. Despite the bugs... and the heat...it sounds like you had a great time. I'm waiting for coondra to get to Payette Lake on Sunday to see when (or if) she would like to go with me to find those boxes that you so kindly gave me the clues for.

    Thanks again!
    Yak~King blues


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