Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Denver Post LB Article - Sweet and Sour

It looks like the Denver Post got their article together about letterboxing and Front Range Hiker did a wonderful job representing everything that is special and magical in the boxing world. Sadly the second half of the article was quite a bit more tart as a former boxer did not have a great experience as a baby boxer after an encounter at an event. Judge for yourself after reading the sweet and the sour that were shared.

As a side note many of my favorite boxers are Colorado residents and they are nothing but wonderful all the way around!

I did express some additional feelings about the article as a whole on the RMLetterboxing Group on Yahoo.


The Denver Post: Letterboxers Play Hide and Seek

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  1. Gosh, I haven't read a newspaper article for a while...not very good writing, I have to say. :-/ Too bad about the newbie kvetching about her experience - that kind of thing happens in every group of people, not just letterboxing. Sour grapes, for sure. I also took issue with the 'hostile' comment; I am a letterboxer and I'm not hostile towards geocachers. I just know that lbing is better. :-P


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