Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday Treasures with Baqash and Miss T

I started out on Wednesday morning at Eagle Island with the Pei's of Adventure. Although there was no rain in the morning by the time Baqash, Miss. T and I hit the trail we could see rain chasing after us. We hit a few boxes right off before we were the victims of the wetness.

In all I think the final count of traditional boxes on Wednesday hit a total of 17. She found a combination of indoor and outdoor boxes and series. There was no way to avoid the rain and since it was her first time boxing in the rain it was only fitting that we spent most of the day wet.

We did stop for lunch at Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine downtown. How could I resist not picking Donnie Mac's for lunch since they live full time in an RV. It just seemed so perfect! We also made an early morning stop (once we found it) at Camping World. I am still not completely sure about the part she picked up but thank heavens she knew what to do with it.

Back at the house in the evening to dry off and get our second wind. Baqash caught up on e-mail with friends far and wide and I carved like a speed demon. I wanted her to take a box on her travels and she left one in return. Watch out world two new boxes will be set free soon.

Next time Baqash makes it back to our part of the country we will need to take her out boxing in the snow and hail. Now that will make for an interesting boxing day. The rain was just a warm up for her and sweet Miss. T. Safe travels today to Twin Falls Baqash and Miss. T!

Okay...who's coming to visit next?

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