Friday, September 24, 2010

The Moon Followed Me Home

The Pei's of Adventure Hiking with Mom
Part of the Big Steep Hill

Clues From My Compass
A Quick Water Break Before Hiking Back Down
The Moon Cresting Over the Foothills

Thursday evening after a full day of work and some mighty quick house cleaning the Pei's of Adventure and I made it out the door to plant a new box. Art by Caron Vinson: Glam Goth was ready to go. I had picked a trail for the box that is located in the Boise Foot Hills off of ID 55 North. It was a bit of a race against the sun setting with only about an hour to make the mile and a half hike (all uphill). The evening turned out to be absolutely perfect for the hike. Although the hike is a bit challenging because of the steep and continuous uphill climb the views of the undeveloped foothills, distant forest, and Treasure Valley far below are worth the effort.

I did have one small slight moment of insanity because I carried my own rocks up the hill that I had found a lot lower. I was really working to make the climb and even sacrificed my heels as I discovered that it was my actual hiking boots that gave me the blister in Cascade back in July. Originally I thought it was my old tennis shoes that were the evil blister makers. I can sum up the blister experience by saying that I now have two matching blisters (one on each heel) and I will be shopping for new hiking boots very soon. At least as soon as my new blisters heal.
Once I had the box planted and the Pei's and I started our journey back to civilization I realized that it was already dark. It didn't take long for an incredibly full moon to crest over the foot hills from the east. It was so full and bright that I didn't even need my flashlight for the hike. At times we would round a bend and be in the shadows again but it never took long for the moon to find us and the path would be illuminated once again from behind. The moon was so persistent that it followed us during the entire hike and even on the way home. By the time I showered and slipped in bed (after posting my clues) I realized that the moon was shining very brightly in my bedroom window right where I was going to lay down. It's not often that the moon follows me home and decides to stay for the night.

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