Friday, October 22, 2010

The Count Down is On! 2 Hours and Counting!

The A-MAZE-ing Letterbox Event 2010 is only 2 hours away! Capperpillar (2 of the 4) and I spent the morning at Linder Farms hiding boxes and working up clues. I am showered now and am getting ready to pack the car with all of our stuff for the event. It seems like we have been working on things for weeks to prepare and now the time is almost here. The morning just zipped by.

I did have one shocking moment at the farm this morning. I never knew that pumpkin farms "re-stocked" their pumpkins with pumpkins from different farms when they got picked over. I was seriously shocked this morning to see a large truck with 6 men unloading pumpkins. It was sort of like learning that the Easter Bunny was not real. We always took the kids early to pick pumpkins and often twisted them from the vines. Now I know unless you are real early in the season you are not getting pumpkins grown at the farms but impostor pumpkins from a truck that have been planted at the farms. I think I am semi heart broken now that I know the truth.

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