Saturday, October 23, 2010

A-MAZE-ing Letterbox Event 2010!

Last night at this time almost 50 letterboxers were in full-force running all over Linder Farms for the 2nd annual A-MAZE-ing Letterbox Event. It was a perfect fall evening with clear skies and crisp cool air. We were set and ready to roll around 4:30 p.m. as the first boxers were quickly arriving. Capperpillar outdid herself with another amazing event stamp and great clue sheet. Linder Farms has been so wonderful to work with these past two years. Their shelter this year was greatly improved in location and size and it worked out perfectly for our event.

I have never been able to say I have closed down a farm before but we were the last ones to leave Linder Farms last night. They even turned off the lights as we were gathering up our things. We were able to pull most of our boxes last night as the event was winding down but one of the Capperpillar clan ended up driving back out today to pick up the last three remaining boxes in the corn maze. In all we only lost one stamp to a muggle during the event although the Little Wizards wands were quite popular with the muggles and all three were scooped up. The wands were another totally creative creation by the Capperpillar clan for my Little Wizards boxes.

I have posted pictures on the official event page of most of the attendees of the event although I think a couple of boxers may have escaped my camera. Some of our late arrivals also missed the group picture but it was too hard once everyone was out in the farm to gather back up again for another shot.

Aside from the muggles our only other obstacle last night was the dust. We have not had any rain in Boise for a few weeks and the dust at the farm was so dry and fine in texture that it blew up all evening long. I came home severely stuffed up and have spent most of the day trying to recover from it. I think everyone returned home covered in a nice thick layer of dust.

It seemed like everyone had a wonderful time at the farm and I know we really enjoyed putting the event together for our ever expanding group of Idaho letterboxers. We are already shifting gears for a mini meet next Friday for Happy SAHD. This event will not include a corn maze or dust but we will be at PoJo's and there will be video games and pizza.

Meet & Greet with Happy SAHD

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