Saturday, October 16, 2010

There's Always Time for a Box

I have had a pretty full agenda today but my motto is that there is always time to nab at least one Letterbox. Lizman and I stopped between hair cuts and a birthday party to find "Sharing Smiles and Joy" in Meridian. While I got busy with the clues Lizman supervised from the couch in the teen corner of the Library. I had to work through the clues a few times but finally the light bulb went on and I figured where I needed to be. Meanwhile Lizman is almost asleep on the couch. Gotta love the energy of a teenager. Totally cute carving and there is never a bad time to squeeze in a box. Fortunately I was not too late for the party!

By the way if you have ever wondered what a sugar beet looks like Lizman is holding one in the pictures. I passed a truck loaded with sugar beets this morning and stopped on the side of the road after walking the Pei's of Adventure to pick one up. I grew up in Hawaii and actually never knew about sugar beets until I moved to Idaho. I honestly thought my co-workers were pulling my leg about sugar beets because as far as I knew sugar only came from sugar cane. Well, they weren't pulling a fast one on me. Low and behold sugar beets are real and they are huge. Lizman and I even cut into it and tasted the crisp white flesh of the beet. Who would have known that something so ugly could be so sweet.

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