Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Boxing Friends are Invaluable

This morning I thought I would stop for my second attempt trying to locate “Griz Take on the Bronco’s!” planted by RockTheNater and FrogiNater during their recent visit to Eagle.

There I was on the Greenbelt counting and recounting my steps over and over again. If Capperpillar and SereneBender had not helped me via text messaging I would not have found the box. My steps were very different from the clues and from both of theirs as well. This morning was also very popular with the Muggles. I had to stop looking over and over again to not draw suspicion.

Finally SereneBender gave me a visual perspective that didn’t match my steps but put me on the right side of things to finally find the box. I am embarrassed to admit this fast find was not fast for me. On the way back to the car one of the Capperpillar clan had driven down to make sure I was on the right track (yes, it had taken me that long to locate it). It was good timing though because we were able to plot and plan our event a little more before I headed to the grocery store. Looks like it’s time to put on my baseball cap and mow the lawn now. Even finding a difficult “Fast Find” is a lot more fun than mowing. Thank heavens I have great boxing friends who can help me in a pinch!

1 comment:

  1. I heard that was a rough one. I haven't tried to get it yet - not having my right hand available to me has really taken the wind out of my letterboxing sails. :( Can't wait to have my hand back!



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