Sunday, November 14, 2010

KuKu's Birthday Bash Sunday Edition

My last day in Astoria was a day of Letterboxing redemption for myself, SHH and Padawan. We made it out the door a lot earlier then the previous morning and were even afforded the opportunity to visit with Yiker and KuKu before we were on our way. This time we had our clues in hand, game plan in mind and we were ready to hit the trail.

We didn't have to drive far as our goal was the Astoria water front. We were pretty excited to find three X Marks the Spot boxes in addition to several Coffee Shop stops and a word of mouth box near the historic Elliott Hotel. The morning was bright and sunny and we used every minute we had at our disposal. It was fun to visit the hiding spot of my Princess Cafe-Ah box that NeNe planted for me and the hiding spot was perfect. The gal there was so sweet and helpful and she made me the perfect blended coffee drink while I watched Padawan and SHH stamping in.

Noon was the bewitching hour for me as I had to drive to Portland to catch my flight back to Boise. I wish I could have stuffed all my Oregon Letterboxing pals into my suitcase for the return trip. Being the only out of state Birthday Party crasher I greatly appreciated my new and old letterboxing friends giving me such a warm and wonderful welcome. It was like a home away from home!


  1. You are welcome any time!! We look forward to the next time we get to box together. :-)

  2. It was so WONDERFUL that you were here for the bash, even though you guys didn't join us for our boxing day -- I think the count for the day was 17 boxes.

    Please come visit in Portland. There are so many wonderful boxes here (Musician Series, maybe?)

    And Corvallis and Yiker are just 90 minutes down the road. She has a great walking tour of Corvallis series where some of hers are hidden in plain sight like X's.

    We'd love to have you visit and "fete" you here in the Willamette Valley. I have a comfy couch . . . but my car is nowhere near as kewl as your rental was!


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