Saturday, November 13, 2010

KuKu's Birthday Bash Saturday Edition

Saturday in Astoria started a little slow at the Jedi base. We were enjoying a leisurely morning and missed out hitting the trail bright and early with Yiker and KuKu. They hit the Astoria area hard right out of the gate. We sort of meandered out for the day and decided to visit Cannon Beach before our sunny morning turned to rain.

On the way to Cannon Beach we stopped at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Site in Seaside, Oregon called The Saltworks to look for "The True and Untold Story of the Salt Works" Letterbox. All I can say is that the stamp is brilliant. It is so amazing to see this little sliver of history tucked between the houses that have surrounded it.

I noted that the coast was stormy and the waters were turbulent but it added to the raw beauty that is unique to the Oregon Coast. We arrived at Cannon Beach with way too many clues in our hands and had a difficult time focusing on which clues were on what trail. We did manage to locate "Twilight # 2 - New Moon - La Push Beach" and Padawan and I appreciated SHH falling on the Lightsaber to be the first one with muddy knees in order to reach the box.

The second box we were thrilled to find was Blue Sandpiper's "Lewis and Clark Sacajawea's Request." If you are in Oregon and have not taken the time to uncover this treasure you are missing out. This box is on an incredibly beautiful hiking trail, affords wonderful views of the Tillamook Head Lighthouse and is beautifully designed. Blue Sandpiper did an amazing job with this plant.

Although we are strong in spirit and experienced on the trail SHH, Padawan and I seemed a little disorientated with the volume of clues at our disposal and where we envisioned our true destination should be. As a motorcycle rider I have learned that it is the journey that one must savor and not the destination. And journey we did. Our little band of three savored, cursed, relished, stumbled and conquered not only the trail but many of the feelings that we were experiencing as we faced the reality of a box never found and a destination never discovered or reached. Honestly reflecting on it now we never really had our heart set on the box but on the experience of being surrounded by nature and the journey that we seemed destine to make. My only disappointment in the long uphill climb was that I only captured one slightly out of focus shot of the beautiful deer and fawn we encountered. We were richly rewarded by their presence. It is amazing how simple beauty can calm the most turbulent soul.

Once off the mountain and out from under the protection of the canopy we made a dash for the car and I was treated to a Cannon Beach tradition by having a late lunch at Mo's restaurant. We had a perfect table next to the glass windows and watched as the rain and wind battered the Oregon coast.

We wrapped up the evening at the Rogue Ale Public House for KuKu's last Birthday Bash event complete with home made Cheesecake baked by the talented Murray Herd. It was wonderful for me to meet and spend time with Murray Herd, NeNe, TerraKasher (Red Hat Rosie) and Morris Five. It was also great to catch back up with Yiker, KuKu, Blue Sandpiper and 2Peas in a Pod OR. The icing on the cake was finding the X Marks the Spot box at the Rogue. I loved how in your face the boxes hiding spot was. Nothing beats a bold pirate plant! Yo-Ho-Ho!

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