Saturday, December 25, 2010

Guest Blogger "The Raisin"

Mom says she since I keep complaining about our blogs being so out of date that I can just post my own Pei comments on her Letterboxing Blog while she is busy working on Thank You cards. Speaking on behalf of Jay and I we have noticed that today was low on activity (no walks or Eagle Island visits) but high on tasty treats, toys and fun.

Once we got mom up this morning we were at least able to head outside to do our business while she prepared our breakfast. It was not long after everyone filled their tummies and wiped their paws that the entire family headed into the living room. This room has always been a mystery to us. No one ever sits on or chews up the leather furniture which looks like a giant rawhide to us, once a year they bring a pine tree into the room that Jay is not allowed to "mark" and there are socks that no one wears on their feet that are filled with Pei delights. Could our humans be any more confusing?

Although we had to sit (and yawn) through their paper ripping rituals we were thrilled to receive bully sticks to chew on so the time would pass more quickly. And I ask how come we are never allowed to rip things up?

After they finished ripping up everything under the pine tree it was time for major activity in the kitchen. Now this is something we can sink our teeth into. Dad was most gracious in allowing us to sample his cooking and we even gave him two paws up of approval several times. For some reason he thinks that we are going to learn to catch flying meat in our mouths that he throws. Who wants meat flying at your muzzle? As usual it hits the wood floors and we are able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. The other delight is when nibbles land at his feet. I am able to get those cleaned off the floor in a matter of seconds. Although dad's legs are in the way a lot of the time while I am trying to do my job as head floor licker. Fortunately my brother Jay stays out of the way when I am in full cleaning mode.

The rest of the afternoon we followed mom between her time on the computer, in the craft room and back again. The great thing about her craft room is that there is a heater and we are not far from her feet or the heat. The bad part about craft room naps is we come back up stairs often covered in sparkles. Is is really necessary to get prisma glitter on everything?

We did run one small errand with mom today. She mentioned something about a Saran Wrap crisis. We were thinking she must have meant a Spam Wrap crisis (as in the canned meat). But sure enough she came out of the store with nothing that smelled tasty and the real crisis was that Starbucks had just closed and we didn't get our favorite "Pupaccino." The other crisis we noted while we waited in the back seat of the car today was that there was a letterbox sitting on the floor just waiting to be planted. That means that there must be an undiscovered trail with our name on it just waiting to be sniffed and marked. Come on mom what are you waiting for?

It's been great having our human pack home to spend Christmas with. We are thankful for our non furry family, our bully sticks, soft Pei beds, dad's great cooking and that God created doggies as unique as we are.

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