Monday, January 10, 2011

Mail from "Nobody Special"

Hello! I must confess that my Mailbox has been a significant source of surprises this winter. First it was my amazing Secret Santa (Toadily!) who managed to send relatives home with packages to mail to me from across the country. She was so tricky that I could not figure out who my Secret Santa was or where in the heck the boxes and gifts were coming from. She was amazing. I am still conspiring on what to do with my absolutely cool new boxes and gifts. And what is even funnier is that Todialy! Lives in Idaho. Boy, she really pulled one over on me!

Next I received a variety of LTC’s from boxing friends of mine for Christmas. Completely unexpected but you would have thought I had won the lottery every time an envelope showed up. My LTC binder was in heaven this Christmas thanks to SHH and CW Sunseeker.

Tonight after a long day at work (everything I touched was a disaster) and running four errands on the way home (my energy tank is on empty tonight) I opened my mailbox in the dark driveway and discovered a small unassuming white envelope addressed to me.

Inside I found a sweet blue colored card from Nobody Special. I am only sharing the front of the card as I would hate to ruin anyone’s mail if they received a card too but I will say the Nobody Special carving is just way too clever and I love Baby New Year that was included inside. I am afraid I am slightly scratching my head though as to who Nobody Special is. Apparently they live in Hartford CT. Then again after my Secret Santa’s wild mailing way’s it’s hard to say where the card actually originated from. I don’t recognize the handwriting or the carving style either. Looks like another mystery has show up at my door again. Oh, I just love the intrigue!

Thanks Nobody Special you made my day! So I guess that makes you Somebody Special!

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