Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GreenJello's Beautiful LTC's

I was recently spoiled by GreenJello from Utah. I was fortunate to have GreenJello visit Idaho and sent her back to Utah with some LTC’s. Low and behold she sent me an unassuming little white envelope last week filled with her amazing LTC’s. I did ask permission to blog a few of them because they are so beautiful. I am incredibly fortunate to know so many skilled artists who create wonderful one of a kind carvings and LTC’s. And I am even more blessed that they share them with me. I know letterboxers often trade cards but I have never given away a single card that I have received. There is just no way I could part with them. They are too unique and special just like the artists that create them. Thank you GreenJello for sharing your talents with me. I will treasure them always.

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