Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Nostalgic Look at an Early Plant - Seahorse Sally

Once upon a time I learned about letterboxing and started planting boxes even before I could carve much of anything. I was so excited to plant and contribute to the Letterboxing community that nothing would stop. During our family trip to Maui in 2005 I planted several boxes (to the dismay of my family) that by some strange stroke of luck have weathered the elements and are mostly still alive. Its fun to hear from those boxes even though I would do much better in my carving’s now and overall appeal of the boxes construction (better container, larger logbook etc). There is something nostalgic and sweet to think letterboxers are still finding my early plants that have survived. The Darkling Owl just found my Seahorse Sally box in February. It is still alive and well in Hana (Maui). I remember planting the box near the Black Sands Beach and the amazing colors of the foliage against the lava rock. It was a windy day when we visited but the shelter of the grotto where this tiny box is hidden was amazing. I counted and re-counted the steps to my secret hiding spot and was hoping others would visit over the years and visit they have. On a side note Mr. Blackvelvetrav and I were married on the beach at Mama’s Fish House in Maui during the same trip. The new pictures are from The Darkling Owl’s visit in February (the last 4 shots). The other three pictures are from our trip to Maui. Alex is now 16 but I love this shot of him on the rocks. Live on little seahorse…live on!

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