Saturday, May 21, 2011

Favorite Dinosaur LTC's - Chihuahuasaurus and Cave Boy

This is the second LTC Ring I have participated in. To be honest I just don't relish making a ton of any one card. It's just too boring for me to create something over and over again. This time around I could not resist taking a little liberty with the instructions on what we could provide. Okay, I know I am a goof. But at least I admit it! The instructions were to carve your favorite Dinosaur. That was pretty much the extent of the instructions except for the making sure the cards were traditional LTC in size. Well, I just could not resist creating my own favorite dinosaur. Gosh, who would not love to have their own mini pet dinosaur? So, I bolted from tradition and I introduce to you Chihuahuasaurus. You may not find my pet dinosaur in any of the paleontology or history books but how can you resist? And what would a cave girl be without having her own cave boy toy too? I did make a few extra cards for trading with those who were not in the ring although I would like to only trade them as a pair.

1 comment:

  1. We love your dino pair! Your letterboxing business card led me to your blog this morning. How fun! Thanks, again, for sharing your pet dino with the other swap participants. --SZSRocks


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