Sunday, May 22, 2011

Indoor Letterbox Planting

I think indoor letterboxes are a lot of fun to find. They take you to unique businesses or places that you might not visit in your normal travels. In addition they are a nice break if the weather is sweltering in the summer or chill you to the bone cold in the winter. Indoor boxes can also be tasty stops on the trail if they are in coffee shops or chocolate shops (a personal favorite).

Capperpillar and I are working in conjunction with the Eagle Library to put together a Summer Reading Letterbox Program with the Youth Services Librarian. Yesterday I planted two boxes with Diane the librarian for the program that we will be conducting in June and July.

We will be teaching two different age groups to Letterbox on various Saturdays and we will even have a letterboxing display at the entrance of the Library in their glass case. I will have to get a picture or two if it.

In all my years of planting boxes I have only had one business refuse my request but they did let me put my box outside on the property (instead of inside). I think it is worth asking your favorite unique shop, library, art studio, flower store etc. if you are interested in planting an indoor box. In addition to creating a new and interesting plant it is a great opportunity to share your love of boxing with a newbie who just might take up the addiction too. I even planted a new box at a hotel recently. You just never know where the perfect plant may be.

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