Saturday, June 11, 2011

Delightful LTC's from CW Sun Seeker

It is always like magic for me to open a little white envelope and discover a host of handmade LTC's inside. Last week I received a wonderful envelope of LTC's from CW Sunseeker. I made sure to ask before I posted some of my favorites that she sent. One of the aspects of her cards that I love is how whimsical her carvings and layouts are. I can often spot her carvings and LTC's from others. I have been very fortunate to have her share both with me over the years. It was actually CW Sunseeker that caused my compulsion to create an LTC out of just about every carving I make. I was a lot faster at planting boxes before she got me hooked on creating LTC's. In fact my card making has screeched to a halt at the moment because of my LTC production. What has she gotten me into? Well, the good news is that at least we are addicted together and I can keep my enthusiasm at an all time high after receiving more of her great cards. Time for me to get crafting!

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