Sunday, June 26, 2011

These Shoes Were Made for Boxing?

Right up front I have to confess that I am signed up to attend the Harry Potter NW Party in Kenmore, Washington on Saturday, July 16th. I just can't show up at the grand hall without a bit of costume magic. With a flip of my wand (yes I have one of those now too) I am assembling a costume for the event. I must admit that I am fashioning my own inspiration very loosely after one of the characters but I really wanted to add my own flair and to be my own character. This is where the shoes came in. I saw these insanely wicked shoes on the Pyramid Collection site and knew instantly that I just had to make them a part of my costume fun. I can't say anyone at Howgwarts would ever wear them but I will wear them proudly at the event (for as long as I can stand to box in them) and every October there after. Is a shoe collection really complete without Black Widow Boots? I think not!


  1. Love the boots!! They're perfect for a HP event :) I could see Bellatrix wearing them. And maybe Narcissa Malfoy.

  2. I have been working on breaking in my my shoes and wore them to work last week. Quite a few of the gals loved them even in the middle of summer. Too fun :-)


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