Sunday, June 26, 2011

Northwest Weekend - Cascade Idaho - Sunset Magazine

If I didn't know better I would guess that the editors of Sunset Magazine are following me around. In the July 2011 issue I turned to page 24 and low and behold they have a two page spread on an Idaho Day Trip to Cascade. Cascade is another very familiar haunt of ours. And in addition to the Whitewater Park, Lake Cascade and Gold Forks Hot Springs they feature I have personally planted a number of Letterboxes in and around cascade. Just like any motivated planter I pack all my carving tools and box supplies when I camp. Doesn't everyone?

Another hint that they may be tracking me over at Sunset is that while Anthony and I were at Wallowa Lake last year a photographer from Sunset was there and followed us to two places we visited during our weekend. We thought it was kind of funny that they had picked the same places we visited too. I am just waiting for that day trip to surface to see if they made it to all of the hot spots that we enjoy. Well, hold on Sunset because I am traveling to Washington soon. Who knows what day trips I may be recommending myself.

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