Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boxing Before the Afternoon Heat Hits

Yesterday I was tempted back out to the trail by a new series of letterboxes called Idaho State Symbols planted by DucksinIdaho. We have really been off the trails here locally because Raisin had ACL surgery last month. She is still on limited walking and is doing great on the road to recovery. I thought this early morning outing would really life her Pei spirits as she has been stuck inside with every short walks a few times a day. Even though she is still on the limited walking I figured with all the stops to stamp in and some extra anti inflammatory when we got back home that this would be the perfect letterboxing outing to get her back on the trail. You can't keep a good Shar-Pei down. The other advantage to our early walks is the Pei's and the humans don't get overheated when the temperature is in the 90's and 100's. We have always been early morning walkers and Saturday morning was no exception. We were on the trail before 7 a.m. which is actually late for us.

The boxes were very well concealed, the clues were easy to work through, the carvings were great and best of all Raisin did just fine during and after the walk. She does not seem to be having any difficulties with her leg today. You can't tell int he picture but her hair has been slow to grow back on her hind left leg, a patch on her lower back and another patch on one of her front paws. I can't wait for her to be totally recovered as she loves the outdoors. Her little brother Jay is also itching for longer walks. During her recovery he has gotten the short end of the stick. Mr. Blackvelvetrav also came along for the adventure although he was a little grumpy when he realized we were looking for seven boxes. At least he was a good sport about boxing with us and he helped keep an eye on Raisin and Jay while I was stamping in.

Another great advantage about us running out early was that the park was almost completely Muggle free and I was able to check out the shelter and potential hiding spots for our September event while we were there. All and all it was a great visit to Eagle Island State Park.

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