Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Search of Steampunk...Flossy McGrew's

With our Steampunk event just around the corner (October 15th) I knew that my trip to Colorado would be a wonderful opportunity to locate pockets of Steampunk curiosities in and around Denver and the outlining cities.

My sister was a willing partner in crime as we made calls and discovered shops that catered to the Steampunk community in one way or another. Whether you are modulating your steam engine or battling evil Victorian Barons you definitely need the perfect Steampunk guise.

Our first stop was an absolutely mind bending shop called Flossy McGrew’s in Denver at 1824 S. Broadway. If your grandmother's attic (including the dust), community theater costume closet and local thrift shops mated then adorned itself with a smattering of hats, shoes, skeletons, nutcrackers and chunky costume jewelry, you would have Flossy's McGrew's. The front of the store alone is a curiosity that words just cannot adequately describe.

Flossy McGrew’s is a giant store filled to the rafters with vintage wear, costume pieces and anything and everything you can imagine. There was so much to choose from and go through that it can be a little overwhelming and organization is a tad skimpy. We lost ourselves for several hours looking at every rack that showed promise. I will admit after several trips to the dressing room I was feeling a little discouraged. Just when I had given up hope the perfect skirt was discovered and it was a total deal at less than $20.

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