Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creating a H.I.P.'s for Harry Potter

I am leaving for the Harry Potter NW Event (July 16th - Kenmore, Washington) on Thursday. I wanted to contribute a Hidden in Plain Sight (H.I.P.'s) box. I only have a few H.I.P.'s boxes to my credit so far. One is in an ice cream container (yummy) and the other is my Hello Kitty bag. Who doesn't love Hello Kitty. But Harry Potter required something special and unique. I was able to find an image of the Nimbus 2000 that I really liked so that part was easy. What I spent many days toiling over was what to put it in that would travel easily without breaking or weighing too much. I stumbled upon this great Harry Potter lunch sack by Thermos and tracked it down locally at Toy's R Us. I will admit I totally love it! It even has a cape on the back. How cute is that! Not only will I be able to travel with this container easily it will also be super light to send to other events out of state in the future. I just could not resist sharing my find. I may have to add additional items to the bag in the future but for now the Nimbus 2000 is ready to fly!

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