Saturday, July 9, 2011

Library Summer Reading Program

Birds on a Wire (the Letterboxer formerly known as Capperpillar) and I worked with the Eagle Library's Youth Services Librarian to put on one of two Letterboxing programs for youth ages seven to fourteen. This age group also included parents. We spoke about boxing and gave them a run down on the in's and out's of boxing first. Then the kids made simple signature stamps using wooden blocks and foam shapes. Next they made their own logbooks with ribbon, beads and pre-cut paper. Once they had their supplies in hand they were given clue sheets and set loose in the Library and on the community of Eagle.

The kids seemed pretty excited to start their hunting and I ended up slipping out to do a quick hunt of my own. Naturally I had to grab Birds on a Wire's new box and in return she had to skip out at the end to nab my early morning plant before the crowd of kids beat her to it. Heck, what are friends for? I am happy to report that we both beat the new boxers to the new plants to claim "First Finder" bragging rights and LTC's. I know we are so bad! But in defence of our eagerness to get to the boxes first we didn't do any slack boxing and they had the clues as soon as we did too. We are just faster on the draw.

Our next program will be with a much smaller and older group of kids as we are going to teach them about Letterboxing and carving at the same time. It will be interesting to see which families stick with boxing long term once the original excitement has settled down.

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