Friday, July 22, 2011

Mini Harry Potter Thank You Album

During my stay in Washington for the Harry Potter event I stayed with Roots and Shoots Redmond and her family. I can't remember the last time I have been so spoiled (certainly not in my own home). They were wonderful, down to earth and a lot of fun to spend the weekend with. I wanted to send her a special thank you for her hospitality and kindness. This became even more important as the day after I left her mother passed away in Florida. Having lost my father-in-law a couple of weeks ago I understand how you life and emotions turn inside out so easily. She is in Florida right now and I am planning on mailing this on Monday so she will have a bright spot in her week when she returns to Washington.

This accordion album is the same style that I made for Preboxed brother after she passed away. The actual album starts out stark white. You can see how I glimmer misted the background before I actually started the scrapbooking. Although I cover most of the pages with paper and pictures I like the background to add a hint of warmth when it peaks through. The Glimmer Mist does an excellent job covering the white board. These types of albums are meant to be left out on display in a persons home or office so you can see the pages when it's fanned out a bit and you can turn it over for a different view when you like.

I found the Harry Potter Scrapbook Kit at Archivers. I downloaded the pictures and changed the color of them to Sepia. I am a Sepia addict and love to either have the pictures with color or the paper and embellishments to have color. I usually do not like both colored as I feel the colors can compete with one and other and detract from the feel of the album. Because I don't do a lot of scrapbooking I consider this a true gift from the heart. I prefer LTC's and card making any day to scrapbooking. And in fact tomorrow I will work on a thank you card. I think all my creative juices have run dry for the evening. The album took me about three to four hours to make. In total the album contains 14 panels that have been scrapbooked.

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