Thursday, July 21, 2011

LTC's By Celtic Cross

During my stay in Washington for the NW Harry Potter Party I was fortunate to meet Celtic Cross who was on the event Planning Committee. Not only did I have the opportunity to find quite a few of her beautiful carvings during the event (including an amazing map carving in four parts) but I found the true treasure with a pile of gold from Gringotts Wizarding Bank when she shared some of her beautiful and delicate LTC's with me. I am totally smitten by the Hogwarts Founder's cards she created for each house. The color, detail and extra sparkle on each is simply a work of art. I did ask permission to share before posting but you have to agree that these cards are true treasures. I could not resist sharing Snoopy and Woodstock around the campfire and true to her trail name she also shared a few Celtic LTC's with me. I need to create a special page for my new LTC's in my LTC book for the Hogwarts Founders.

And in case you are wondering Hogwarts was founded by four of the most famous wizards and witches ever: Salazar Slytherin, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Godric Gryffindor.

I was curious to see which house I would be sorted into if I was attending Hogwarts. I found this quiz on line and here are my results:

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

My in-depth results were:

Hufflepuff - 17
Ravenclaw - 13
Gryffindor - 10
Slytherin - 6

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