Saturday, August 27, 2011

Scorching Hot, Scraped Legs and Prickly Cactus – Another Great Trail Adventure

My last letterboxing adventure in Colorado was to find AutumnsFolly’s series of 6 boxes titled Elves Chess at Legion Park in Boulder Junction, Colorado. I love the story she wound into the series and the views from the parking lot are great. Don’t let the word “park” fool you into visions of lush green grass and shade trees. This park is serious desert complete with cactus and lots of prickly plants. Although I did not have any long pants or jeans with me I decided to brave the trail anyway. I figured since my right arm was already swollen with Juniper Bush bites what more could happen to me. The clues were prefect and my sister and her two adorable kids (Dylan and Nicole) caught up with me around box #3. Since the kids were not dressed appropriately either they did follow me to box # 4 but then turned back to the car for some shade, air conditioning and refreshments. I was on my own after that for the remaining boxes. The desert was not kind to me and I ended up pretty cut up (both legs were bleeding), I was covered with dust and perspiration. It was about 98 degrees by the time I made it back to the car. My determination paid off though by finding a hitchhiker in both Box # 5 and Box # 6. In all during my day of boxing I found 9 traditional boxes and 2 hitchhikers. Not bad for only having one day to squeeze in some boxing while I was in Colorado. Even though it was so hot out I really enjoyed the series and appreciate all the great plants I was fortunate to find. Another great day on the trail!

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