Saturday, August 27, 2011

Planting While Visiting Longmont, Colorado

I only had limited time to plant while I was in Colorado but I try to always leave one box behind when I travel as a thank you to those who have planted for me. While in Longmont I managed to plant one box off of St. Vrain Greenway. I had used the carving I created for the Pixar Fun LTC trade and thought that Colorado might be the perfect place to plant the box. Here are the clues to my newest plant and the link to the box:

“Pixar Fun: Flik Loves Princess Atta”
Clue Difficulty: Easy
Terrain Difficulty: Mostly Paved
Number of Boxes: 1
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes, On Leash
Kid Friendly: Yes
Bike Friendly: Yes

Special Note:
A big thank you to W S M and C for allowing me to use part of her clues to get you to the box. I am from Idaho so if the box is in bad condition or needs repair I will need to depend on the great boxers in Colorado to lend a hand. Happy Hunting! Blackvelvetrav

Area Description:
The St. Vrain Greenway begins in Golden Ponds Park and travels east along the creek for more than half its distance. At the park, watch for the bald eagles, wood ducks, great blue herons and Canada geese that call the area home. The trail skirts commercial and residential areas through the heart of Longmont, offering spectacular mountain scenery along the way and lake views by the Boulder County Fairgrounds and Izaak Walton Park.

Location of Parking Lot:
Roger's Grove - 220 Hover Road, Longmont Colorado - Roger's Grove covers 14 acres adjacent to the St. Vrain Greenway.

Park in the Roger's Grove parking area just off of Hover Road. The trail is paved and easily visible from the parking area. Walk east on the paved path, past the large bathrooms with the excellent tile work on the side of the building. When you reach the “T” in the trail take the path to the right. You'll be passing to the north of Fairgrounds Lake. After a short distance, the trail splits. Head to the left and you will see a large rust colored bridge. Cross the bridge and take the dirt path immediately to the left. Pass the stone that reads “The true meaning of life it to plant trees, under who’s shade you do not expect to sit. – Nelson Henderson.” You will see a very large picnic table just beyond the stone. Look at the clue picture and note where my letterboxing backpack sits on the table. Stand at this spot (not on the table) and you will see a grove of trees at 290 degrees west. Looking directly at the trees and note that there are two large trees facing your direction. Walk over to these two trees and you will see a fallen log in between the two. You will find Flick and Princess Atta hiding at the spot where the trees and the log meet (under the log) concealed by bark, leaves and twigs. Take the box back to the table to log in your find. This path is HEAVILY traveled by muggles. Please be ultra discrete and conceal the box better than you found it.

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