Friday, October 21, 2011

Steampunk LTC's Only A Few Left

Prior to the Steampunk Spectacular event last weekend I was attempting to create LTC's for each of my carvings to share and trade at the event. That goal was humming right along until I hit my 6th carving and did not have time to spare to make any additional cards. In all I carved 8 stamps for the event. Five of the stamps are represented in LTC's above. The remaining three stamps are actually larger than a traditional LTC but part of the image could be used on an LTC. I also have some wonderful boxers who have let me keep their Steampunk stamps like SHH, The Wolf Family and SereneBender which increases my count of Steampunk stamps significantly. Some I do know have already been used in LTC's but I bet if I begged I might just get their approval to use their images in the future.

Speaking of Steampunk BoxerLover47 sent me an AQ e-mail tonight and she noted an LTC Steampunk Tracker. Being one whom is living and breathing Steampunk these day's I could not resist signing up. The Tracker is only for 18 LTC creators but there is still room to join. Now the hard part is deciding which stamp to use.

Steampunk LTC Tracker:

I have three sets of my Hello Kitty Steampunk LTC's to trade. The other's have already been shared and mailed and are now retired. Shoot me an AQ e-mail and if I still have them available I will send them your direction. Happy LTC creating!

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  1. Wow, fantastic cards! And thank you so much for taking part in the swap :)


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