Friday, October 21, 2011

Steampunk Spectacular In The Books

It seems like we spent months and months preparing for Steampunk Spectacular and then it was over remarkably fast. We were so fortunate to have a picture perfect day at the park. Although our attendance was lower than it had been last year our attendee's enthusiasm for the Steampunk genre was high. We hid over 30 boxes, had three pages of clues and even had four boxes in the lake to find.

We managed to pull all the boxes Saturday night before sundown which was a huge blessing as we woke to rain Sunday morning. In fact it rained in Boise all day Sunday. Never had I been so thankful that the timing was so perfect for an outdoor event. In fact it rained on Monday the week of the event but we had four days for the trails to dry before the actual event. With the temperature near 70 and sunshine on our shoulders we had the perfect fall day at our disposal.

I was able to spend Sunday re-packaging boxes for the out of state contributors. I picked up a bunch of new mailing envelopes and worked on ensuring each box was repackaged and addressed with care. This process took me all afternoon but it was worth it to go to the post office and mail out all of the boxes (with the exception of one) Monday during my lunch hour. I was so relived to have the letterboxes on their way home from Idaho in a timely manner. I will be honest though I was a bit shocked to hand over $80 at the post office to get everything mailed. For some reason I was expecting to pay about half that amount. Thank goodness I do not participate in postal's any longer. The shipping can certainly break the budget.

One additional item I mailed on Monday was thank you logbooks we created for everyone who sent us a box for the event. Each time a new stamp arrived (or we carved ourselves) I would stamp them into the logbooks. I was fortunate to have Birds on a Wire join me one afternoon to help with the stamping but it was an endless task. We also wrote in the name of the boxes and the name of the Letterboxer who carved the image. I thought since Steampunk is not highly represented in the Letterboxing community (yet) that the contributors would enjoy seeing all the images from the event. The icing on the cake was the LTC that Birds on a Wire created from the event stamp. We placed one of those in with each logbook that was mailed. Now I just need to finish cleaning out the living room, mail the last box once I have an updated address and figure out which boxes will remain as travelers and which will be permanent plants. A Letterboxers work is never done.

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