Thursday, December 8, 2011

Strawman LTC

Strawman is the third Box of the Month stamp for my Wizard of Oz series in Eagle, Idaho. Although my scan is a bit fuzzy you can still see the finished LTC fairly clearly. I have a bunch of old black slide mounts that I have had for years. I tend to hang on to crafting items hoping their potential will eventually strike a cord. It just so happened that I was able to fashion custom slide mounts out of the insides of the old mounts. I was particularly drawn to the weathered look of the aged adhesive on the back of the slide mounts. I cut them apart, distressed the back, stamped it and then embossed the entire back with clear embossing powder. I was thrilled with the results and even crafted some Steampunk Slide mounts for cards. The embossing was necessary to set the ink and to cover the old adhesive. It was just tacky enough that it needed to be covered and the embossing powder did just the trick.

I could not resist a picture of Raisin and Jay enjoying their stinky bully sticks in my craft room. Anthony just hates the smell and the Pei's love bully sticks so they get to enjoy them in the basement. I will admit they do smell pretty bad but their enjoyment is worth the odor.

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