Thursday, December 8, 2011

Plant Quick and Hit the Road

Last weekend I was invited to a girls only weekend in McCall. I was rushing to hit the road for the 2 hour drive in the mountains alone but was really racing around the house like a wild woman Thursday evening. I still had to pack and I lost the day light the night before so I was left with planting my Wizard of Oz box before making the drive. I zoomed from the house to the Greenbelt, replaced my festive holiday sweater with my Wicked Sweatshirt, switched my black cowboy boots for my sneakers and raced down the trail to switch my stamps. During the walk to the box I had a little day light but on the return trip to the car I was fresh out of sun shine. By the time I switched my clothing back and started my drive I lost the last of the day's light before I was even on the road 20 minutes. The drive to McCall is on a very dark and twisted stretch of mountain road along the river but I have driven the road for years that I felt comfortable making the drive in the little red Ford Focus. Fortunately the roads were clear and not icy although there was snow on the ground in McCall. I made it to McCall safe and sound a few hours later and was even able to log on to Atlas Quest to post my new BOM stamp and it's matching LTC. It was just in the nick of time since Thursday was December 1st. It was a long evening on the road after a full day at work. The weekend in McCall was wonderful. I did take along my carving supplies and worked on a few stamps on my to-do list in addition to reading an entire book. Nothing beats an empty calendar, warm fire and Christmas music for a few days. It was heaven to relax and enjoy!

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