Monday, April 2, 2012

Quetzalcoatl Simple LTC in Progress

Yesterday I worked on a very small production of Quetzalcoatl LTC's. The actual stamp is very large and has already arrived in New York for planting. I wanted the LTC to highlight the carving vs. detracting from the image. I am still working on the cards as I have an embellishment in mind to add but I wanted to share what I have put together so far. The bronze and gold glitter is from Art-C. They have great mixed media ATC/LTC supplies that I think are just delicious. If you would like some Artist Trading Card ideas and inspiration check out their site.

Raisin, Jay and I spent most of the weekend covered in glitter. I used the Glitter Mix in Gold on this LTC. Both Peis follow me down to my craft room and are always in the line of fire when glitter and embellishments are flying. Who says Shar-Pei's don't sparkle. Mine sure do!!!

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