Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hike to Settlers Stone Shack Along Snake River

View Down River

Hay Dad What are You Doing on the Same Trail?

Raisin and Jay

View of the Snake River

Raisin & Jay

Idaho Hiking Club Meet Up Group
Anthony, Moe, Martin, Bea and Marla

Large Sheep Flock and Guard Dogs (on very high alert to threats)
Close to Dedication Point

Tumble Weeds Blocking Entire Right Lane of Road

Information Sign of Trails Along Snake River

Great Views Along the River
Raisin and Jay

Meet Up Group Heading Back Up to Dedication Point
Picture Taken From Truck

View from the Settlers Stone Shack Front Door
Overlooking the Snake River

Tiny One Room Settlers Stone Shack

Hay Dad are You Going to Share that Sandwich or What?

Smiles from the Stone Shack
Today was a small hike (6+ Miles) within a larger planned hike (11+ Miles).  Anthony signed up for a hike that our friend Martin was hosting via the Idaho Hiking Club Meet Up Group.  Since the hike was a bit more challenging than I wanted to attempt (large steep incline at the end) Raisin, Jay and I did our hike within the middle of theirs.
I dropped Anthony off with Martin and thee additional hikers (Bea, Marla and Moe) at Dedication Point and then drove down to the canyon bottom.  This area of road on the way to Swan Falls Dam is open range and there are often cattle near (or on the road).  In addition there was a very large flock of sheep grazing close to Dedication Point.  The sheep are guarded by these amazing and beautiful large white dogs that I believe are Great Pyrenees.  I counted three that I could see when I drove by but there may have been more.  Anthony and the group had to hike past the flock and several of these dogs were about 50 to 75 yards from the group and let them know in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome near the sheep.  Raisin and Jay are always on leash or are in the truck with me around live stock as it brings out their predator drive and they will take off after them.
 Raisin, Jay and I parked the truck approximately 3 miles from the Settlers Stone Shack which is down river from Swan Falls dam (heading towards Celebration Park).  Even with the inversion covering the Treasure Valley it was a beautiful day out.  At the valley floor it was about 23 degrees but because of the inversion it never really warmed up enough for me to take off my winter weight jacket.  Although the inversion prevented any sun shine from reaching the valley floor the solitude on the trail and the sound of the river lapping against the bank really made for a serene and lovely hike with the dogs. 
Just before we reached the stone house Anthony's hiking group caught up with us on the same trail.  They like to hike at a rather fast pace.  It was kind of funny because there are so many little trails out there that there was a high potential of us not crossing paths.  We all stopped at the Settlers Stone Shack and had a bite to eat before turning back around and retracing our steps.
Raisin, Jay and I took our time heading back to the truck while Anthony and the group zipped back the direction they came about 1/2 mile ahead of us.  The dogs and I then drove the truck back up to Dedication Point while the Meet Up Group hiked up the trail that they had originally descended from.  We only had to wait about 25 minutes for them to return to the trucks.  It really turned out to be perfect timing all the way around.  We stopped for some very tasty Mexican Food in Kuna before heading home.

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