Monday, April 2, 2012

Planting the Seventh Stamp BOM

Sunday Raisin, Jay and I headed down to the Boise Greenbelt to swap the stamps in my Box of the Month Wizard of OZ series. Elphaba - Wicked Witch of the West was ready for her debut and it was time for the friendly little Lion to head to Washington for his next adventure. It was beautiful and sunny out which also made the trail too tempting for all the Muggles in town. I had to use super stealth skills to switch out the stamps as joggers, bird watchers and dog walkers milled around.

The Boise River is extremely high right now. The Pei's usually like to visit a strip of beach next to the bridge during our walks but the beach had disappeared under the high tide of the river. I am just thankful that the box is on high ground and is safe and sound.

Mr. Blackvelvetrav was kind enough to ask me before we walked out the door if I needed help finding my own box. Naturally the comment came after my misadventures from Saturday at Lucky Peak. Normally I would just dismiss comments about my boxing skills. However, truth be told a have had help from Birds on a Wire on more than one occasion helping me find my own boxes. Yes, not only have I forgotten where they were planted but I have also just completely missed them. Oh, the shame of planting so many boxes. Thank goodness for good friends! Fortunately I have been visiting this box for 7 months now and I am positive of it's location. This is my first box of the month series and I have had a lot of fun with the sweet images. I know eventually I will need to move on to more artful and dramatic carvings but I just can't resist the cute. Five more carvings to go!

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