Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stampers' Sampler January - Ferbuary - March 2015 Published

The January/February/March 2015 issue of the Stampers' Sampler just arrived in my mailbox.  I am not sure why seeing my cards and name in print gives me giddy butterflies in my stomach but it does every single time.  I rip off the wrapper and it's like an explosion of inspiration. Not only finding my own cards in the publication but also enjoying art created by others. 

I have mentioned previously how time consuming card submissions are.  You not only need to create a unique and interesting card but then you write the recipe of it's creation including all of the products you used including stamps, inks, embellishments etc.  Add on top of that the submission form, packing and shipping and all together it's a lot of work from my hands to their printed pages.  And there is never a guarantee that they will like what you have submitted.  Magazines receive hundreds and thousands of cards each year from all over the world to consider for publication.  It is humbling to be selected for print and featured in any publication.

If only I had some new papers or stamps to work with tonight.  All of a sudden I am feeling a great gust of inspiration.  Thanks for sharing in my excitement! 


  1. This is so wonderful!! Linden leaf

  2. Thank you so much for the kind comments. Card making is so time consuming but it is a true labor of love.


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