Monday, April 2, 2012

Rusty LB Skills

I think I may have been in winter hibernation way too long because my letterboxing skills are rusty. I came back very empty handed on Saturday after a mini letterboxing adventure.

The weather was pretty nice in Boise on Saturday afternoon so I thought I might dust off my compass and try to find a set of three Harry Potter inspired boxes near Lucky Peak Lake. I loaded up the Pei's, made the drive across town and out to the lake, and located the trail as described in the clues. As I was organizing myself and the dogs the clues slipped out of my hand and blew under the car. The paper was just out of my reach forcing me on to my hands and knees with a stick trying desperately to retrieve the clues before they blew out from under the car in the opposite direction. It was at this juncture that I should have realized that my trek was ill fated and that maybe destiny was trying to keep me from finding the boxes.

Raisin, Jay and I made the slow trek up the trail but it became evident rather quickly that the steepness and the sand made it a bit difficult to maneuver. We made our way slowly up to a set of telephone poles and the clues mentioned to take the path to the right at the "Y". Well, in my defense not only was there no "Y" but there was no clear path in either direction. This may be due to very low foot traffic during the winter months. We continued the direction I thought was correct and looked for the pointed rock but because my bearings were askew I noted several rocks that fit the description. In a desert full of rocks, twigs, sand and tumbleweeds what should one expect? I attempted to work the clues around each pointed rock but to no avail. I think Raisin was very unimpressed with this trail. Every time I stopped to check my compass and the clues she would turn around and start to head back down the hill. I think she was hoping for much flatter terrain and a water source.

As I struggled around each grouping of rocks to see if I could make the remainder of the clues work (triangle crevice, stick, 200 degrees) a huge gust of wind came out of nowhere. All of a sudden I was struggling just to stand. We probably spent about 20 minutes fighting the relentless insane wind in a desperate attempt to find the first box. I would hold on to my hat, the clues, my extra sweat shirt, empty dog leashes and backpack in a desperate attempt to just keep everything from blowing away while crawling around the rocks. Raisin and Jay being much smarter than I just stood there off leash semi sheltered next to some rocks watching me as I frantically tried not to leave the trail empty handed. The wind finally claimed victory over me as I stumbled and the wind whipped the clues from my clutches. They were gone from site in a matter of seconds. I finally returned to the car empty handed and a bit deflated. I think with this crazy spring weather and my rusty boxing skills I better try for a fast find (drive by) next just to rebuild my confidence.

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