Saturday, June 2, 2012

Christmas Traditions Traditional Box Planted

Tonight the Pei's of Adventure and I hit the trail to plant my Christmas Traditions Letterbox.

Considering the area we were in was a Wet Lands area it was totally dry and there were no mosquitos. This trail is along a neighborhood off of Eagle Road and it skims private property to your right. There are numerous signs to remind you of this fact. I have been very curious about what laid beyond the pretty waterfalls that stand on both sides of the entrance to the subdivision as I often see a car or two parked there and have always assumed it might be a fisherman looking for new access to the Boise River. Although we did not encounter anyone on the dirt and pebble path we did do a little bushwhacking where the weeds had grown above my head and braved the cheatgrass when it almost looked like the trail had hit a dead end. Raisin and Jay provided the clues for this plant in picture form since they are not so great about translating Pei into English.

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