Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Letterbox Chiller

There is a 2003 movie called The Cooler staring William H. Macy and Maria Bello. In the movie an old school Las Vegas casino keeps a Cooler on hand to chill the luck of the gamblers when they are on a winning streak. They are unhappy with his chilling ability when their favorite jinx breaks his curse by falling in love. If you have seen the Cooler you know he freezes the hot streak just by walking past the gamblers.

Today I introduce the Letterboxing Chiller to you. Yes, my Noxer hubby Anthony has gone from an ordinary Muggle to the Letterboxing Chiller in a mere two days’ time. I was delighted that he printed clues to boxes in Lewiston and Coeur d’ Alene for us to find on our trip to Northern Idaho. On his part this was an amazing labor of love since Letterboxing is far from his favorite activity (very far). We made it to Lewiston safely and stayed overnight. After a bite to eat in the morning he was game to hit the trial and look for several boxes as we made our way to Coeur d’ Alene.

Anthony’s Chilling ability took effect the minute we opened the car doors to look for our first box. By lunch time we were zero for four attempts and things were looking grim. He was not only running out of patience but also humor. As the mood in the car became very tense I suggested that maybe we give up looking for the day but he was determined for one more try. Thank heavens we finally found the 5th box we searched for (even though he was not impressed with the clues) and as a bonus there was a hitchhiker inside. Whew! I was really worried that the Letterboxing Chiller would never step foot on the trail again. However, Friday’s Letterboxing adventures took another turn for the worst…

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