Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baby Bird Boxer Update

CW Sun Seeker Holding Baby Bird Boxer Before his Feeding

I called Animals in Distress this morning to check on our little feathered friend “Baby Bird Boxer” and he is doing great. Apparently he started eating seed two days after arriving at the center which is a really good sign. To feed him they place the bird seed in a baby food jar lid into his cage and he gobbles it up.

Although he is pretty big in size they still have him in a cage inside because he still needs to be babied. Some baby birds have a baby mentality longer than others and this little fellow definitely thinks he is a baby.

The volunteers at the center usually don’t keep track of all the birds (who brings them in, where they come from etc.) because they are wild and they have so many that look alike but he has charmed everyone and they call him their baby from Utah. She actually got him out of his cage while I was on the phone so I could hear him chirp. She said that whenever a volunteer walks past his cage he becomes very chatty. No wonder they can’t ignore him – he won’t let them.

They plan on moving him out to the aviary as soon as more feathers come in which is the next step. The aviary will allow him to learn to fly and spread his wings until he is ready to be released. Although I do not see a lot of pigeons personally in Boise she said there are quite a few but they tend to congregate in certain areas of town. Obviously they have not found the bird feeders in our yard yet.

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