Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All is Silent Down the Rabbit Hole

Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly)

The Raisin

Little Mr. Jay

As you can see from these pictures we are relaxing and kicking back as we prepare for the Down the Rabbit Hole event scheduled in Eagle, Idaho - Saturday, October 20th.  My co-host Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) and I enjoyed coffee and cinnamon rolls this morning while Raisin and Jay leisurely basked in the sun after Raisin's vet visit.  We may have spoken once or twice about the event but really didn't give it a second thought.  And if you believe anything I have just written you have never planned a themed letterboxing event before.  These pictures are like a duck floating on the pond.  The duck looks incredibly serene and peaceful gliding on top of the water.  But underneath you know that little duck is paddling it's webbed feet like crazy.  That is exactly what you see in these pictures.  Quack!  Quack!

There are so many wonderful details being cultivated for this event that I am dying to to share.  I keep thinking that a sneak peek or two would not hurt but I am resisting the urge because I want the journey down the rabbit hole to be your first without know what you will find on the other side. And trust me Raisin and Jay are not talking so don't even think about bribing them with treats!

What I can share are the amazingly talented women who have fearlessly jumped down the rabbit hole to join me in the throngs of the madness.  "We're all mad here," said the Cheshire Cat to Alice.

First my co-host Pixie Dust Mom (Kelly).  One of the great things about us having the same first name is that at the event no matter who says "Kelly" one of us is bound to answer.  And if you get us mixed up it won't matter either because we are both Kelly.  You just gotta love it.  Kelly is the design inspiration behind the event.  She is blessed with the gift of hospitality and is a natural born entertainer.  From decorations to food she makes everything look completely effortless and beautiful.  In addition to her hospitality gifts she is also very creative in a multitude of ways.  Each time we meet I am stunned by the items she has created for the event and the never ending flow of ideas that she offers.  I do wonder if her husband will let her out to play with me again in the future as she already has a spare bedroom that has been overtaken by Wonderland.  And she was out on the trail learning to letterbox on her own in McCall last weekend.  A true letterboxing rebel in the making.  I am such a bad influence!

Little Miss Kitty (Kendall) is also an unsung hero of the event.  She has also blessed us as an experienced Alice in Wonderland party hostess and is an incredible artist.  Although not a letterboxer originally I was not surprised to stop by her house a week ago and to have her show me her carved signature stamp.  I had offered to show her how to carve and she didn't even need me to lift a finger.  She drew her own image and carved it perfectly.  Kendall is also the artist of a snowman carving I did last winter.  I do need to get him planted.  She just whipped him up in her spare time.  What I would give to have her natural artistic abilities.  Kendall is running her Cricut machine non stop with multiple projects to support the event.  Although Kendall has offered to help with more than her cutting and assembly projects we want her to come to the event and enjoy what she helped us create without any more work than necessary. 

Birds on a Wire (Ginger) was up for the challenge when I asked her to carve our event stamp.  Her talents in the Letterboxing carving community are second to none.  I honestly have no idea how she comes up with the creative inspirations that she does.  Each carving a true work of art.  I am thrilled to have Ginger contribute the event stamp and to enjoy the event without all the hard work that she has provided over the past three years.

My Letterboxing family across the country has also been busy helping with the event by sending me stamps for the Idaho boxers to enjoy.  I have received stamps from Two Free Timers, Wise Old Owl, JonesCrew 10, Practically Perfect, Reasie and The Red Cat.  I can't wait to send them the small thank you gifts we are creating for them when we return the stamps.

And as for me...well I can say that I am sitting back enjoying my Pumpkin Spiced Mocha Frappe while day dreaming about the event.  Guess I can't really pull the wool over on you guys.  I might just be a tad bit busy myself.  Curiouser and curiouser!

Down the Rabbit Hole Event Sign Up:  http://www.atlasquest.com/showinfo.html?gEventId=2561

Updates to the event page coming very soon.  Hope you will join us down the rabbit hole!

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  1. Oh, I hope,I hope I can go!
    Won't sign-up until I'm sure.


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