Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Art in the Park 2012 Treasures

On Sunday we visited the 58th Annual Boise Art Museum's Art in the Park at Julia Davis Park.  This year they featured over 250 artists including 65 new artists and 70 Idaho artists.  The three day event always make me think that fall is just around the corner. 

This year we left with a few treasures in hand.  I stopped at Annie's Lavender booth and picked up a live lavender plant for our garden, Lavender Chai Tea and Lavender Baking Extract that can be used in any recipe in place of vanilla.  They suggested using it in homemade ice cream, cakes, cookies, iced tea etc.  They assured me that the possibilities are endless.

This was the second year we visited Dowdle Puzzles to select a puzzle for Janet (Anthony's Mom).  This year we selected a 500 Piece puzzle  featuring Boise State Football.  We usually send her puzzles that are 1,000 pieces or more because she is a whiz at puzzles but since she has been to a BSU game before we thought she would enjoy this one.

Our last purchase of the day was at The Little Hat Shop.  They featured the most adorable hats for children and babies.  We picked up two for gifts and then I spotted a sweet red hat that just happened to be adult size.  How could I pass it by.  I do have a weakness for hats and this one was screaming my name.  To be honest if some of the other's had been in my size I might have just left there with a few more.  I have no shame and would probably wear the strawberry or apple with the worm hats with pride.  I did discover on their web site that upon request they can make any of the hats in an adult size.  Scary information to have at your finger tips when you are as goofy as I am.

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