Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Finding My Inner Demon

I am helping with a letterbox series that is still under wraps out of state but I thought I would share my carving to prove that my carvings are not always sugar and spice.  There is a metamorphose of the woman happening in the carving.  First she is very attractive and beautiful to behold.  Then after her untimely death she is possessed by an evil demon and stares at her victim with blank vacant eyes.  And lastly she brings death as her true form is exposed.  She is a female demon who seduces and scares her lovers to death.  Don't fool yourself a deadly mystical force is at work.  And don't claim you haven't been warned because leisure suits and bandannas may be involved.  As soon as this series is officially planted I will share a wonderful trailer for the series that I was privileged to view this afternoon.  Until then watch out for the Demon in Lace! 

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