Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Behind the Scenes Creating Wonderland Before and After

I promised letterboxing friends out of state that I would share many of our event preparations for Down the Rabbit Hole after the event was all wrapped up. I didn’t want to post any of our pre-event preparations for fear of spoiling the day for our guests before it arrived. As far as anyone was concerned Pixie Dust Gal - Kelly and I were meeting for coffee or lunch once a week, enjoying the summer months as they flew by and had the event totally planned and ready. In reality we were in constant motion with ideas that would spark more ideas and more ideas sparked even more. If we had been given another three or four months of planning time I hate to even imagine how big the event would have gotten.

I think one of the most dramatic transformations was the location of our Mad Hatter Tea Party lunch. I am sharing the “before” pictures so you can see what we started with vs. how Wonderland took shape in the course of one day. We determined that all a girl needs to set up an event is a tall ladder, a little ingenuity and a good friend. We also used an insane amount of glue dots, paper clips, tacky putty, playing cards, pin wheels and paper mache.

Naturally the Pei’s of Adventure (Raisin and Jay) stopped by to lend a paw while we were in full decorating mode. I will be sharing smaller details in future posts but this gives you a big picture view the day before the Down the Rabbit Hole event.

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