Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Down The Rabbit Hole - Wonderland Card Garland

Tonight is the beginning of me sharing many of the small details that went into the Down the Rabbit Hole event.  Both Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) and I focused on different event details based on our individual skills and talents.  While I focused on carving a lot of the time Kelly was in charge of overall decorating and food ideas.  She often brought wonderful ideas to light and then we would split up the components that needed to be created.  There were also times that I would share ideas that I found.  But between the two of us there were so many ideas that we finally had to put the breaks on because there was not enough time to incorporate everything we wanted to do.  We also received help and fun ideas from Little Miss Kitty (Kendall) as she had held an Alice in Wonderland party for her daughter previously. 

One of the great ideas that Kelly stumbled upon was playing card garland as part of the event decorations.  I loved the idea but did not like the thought of stapling or gluing the cards to ribbon as some of the examples I found on the web.  I decided that for longevity and durability I would stitch the cards to the ribbon.

I purchased quite a few desks of regular playing cards from thrift stores for .50 cents each (it didn't matter if any cards were missing) and then purchased two special Alice in Wonderland decks from Amazon.  The ribbon I picked up was from Hobby Lobby (50% off).  I sewed a loop on each end of the ribbon for hanging purposes and then stitched each card onto the ribbon with my sewing machine.  I would flip the cards all directions so that no matter which side of the garland you were standing on you would see a variety of patterns face up and face down.

In total I think I made 6 strands of garland for the event.  I loved the look once Kelly and I started hanging them across the room the day before the event.  They had a wonderful whimsical feel and added a lot of uniqueness to the decorations hanging from the ceiling.


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