Saturday, October 13, 2012

Escaped From The Rabbit Hole

Up, Up, Up I climbed clinging to cupboards and bookshelves. Past maps and pictures on pegs. Trying not to break any of the jars of marmalade that I passed. Alas I came to the mouth of the rabbit hole that was hidden under the hedge. I glanced behind me to confirm that I was not followed. I ran back across the field to the house and zipped down to my craft room. There in the candle light of the basement I was finally free of caterpillars, Cheshire cats and The Mad Tea Party.

With carving tool in hand and a wicked grin on my face I carved and created something so dreadful and scary that it only can be Voodoo inspired. Back in the Rabbit Hole Pixie Dust Gal confessed that she was escaping Wonderland for an adventure to New Orleans. She let it slip that during her stay she would be visiting the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum. And to our horror we discovered that Altas Quest listed no boxes at the museum. I knew in my bones that we had to remedy the shocking lack of boxing options at the most unique, and interesting, small museums in the country. But not just any Voodoo image would do. It had to be creepy, spooky and downright scary. As my rubber was flying and my fingers were creating I knew that I had uncovered the perfect Voodoo image that had ever seen the light of day. And thus Miss. Voodoo Doll was born. Although the stamp has taken flight a few images have lingered behind. These frightfully scary limited LTC’s are available for trade.

Back to the Rabbit Hole I run before my absence is discovered and I lose my head!

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