Thursday, November 29, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole - Delectable Delicacies

For the Down the Rabbit Hole event Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly) and I wanted everything to have the feel and look of Wonderland and that theme carried over to the lunch and refreshments we provided for our event guests.  We started with a bright self-serve candy bar, added  fruits shaped like flowers, edible tea cups filled with candy, mushrooms made from eggs and tomatoes, Cheshire Cat Tail Treats, custom water bottles, dainty petite cupcakes and even finger sandwiches shaped like the squares on a chess board.  We were filling lots of Wonderland tummies with our inspirations.   We found many on-line recipes that we did not have the bandwidth to tackle in the food realm but the ones that we did undertake really put everyone to work including Anthony and Alex at my house.  Let’s just say that Anthony has sworn off ever making edible tea cups again.  Those cups were a true labor of love because their assembly was much harder than they look in the pictures.  Who knew that gummy fruit rings stretch back smaller after being glues down with frosting causing the cups bases and tops to gap?  Well, we know that now!  We spent hours and hours late into the night (early morning - 2 a.m.) baking, cutting, chopping and creating our Wonderland feast for Saturday.  I will eventually post some of the Wonderland recipes that we created on my crafting/cooking blog ( for future inspiration should anyone be interested in their own Wonderland event. 

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