Friday, November 30, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole - Mini Log Books

In my desire for small custom logbooks (that didn’t involve hand sewing) for the Down the Rabbit Hole event I finally broke down and purchased a Bind It All from Zutter. Oh how I love this little pink machine! I had 12 x 12 cardstock from Graphics 45 that featured Halloween in Wonderland. The paper was laid out perfectly for miniature logbooks. Once they were cut and bound I felt like they needed some flair so I added glitter and ribbons to each. My only disappointment was that I only had two sheets left of this fun paper and was only able to make a small batch of these logbooks for the event. I was forced to purchase a different paper for the remainder of the logbooks that did not match as perfectly as this paper did.

This was actually a good lesson learned about specialty card stock. Since crafting companies are continually designing new lines and themes with the change of seasons and trends if you find a paper theme, design or line that you are particularly attached to buy up all you can find while it is available because once it’s gone it is really gone. I searched every web site and store I could find and not a single company still had this line fo papers in stock. I have been fortunate in my timing of papers to often get them on clearance at the end of a season but now I will really stock up when I find something special vs. thinking it will always be available.

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