Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole - Handmade Jewelry

I am a bit behind on posts sharing our behind the scenes Down the Rabbit Hole event details as the holidays and travel have swallowed up all my free time recently. This is also my really busy time at the office.

One of the unique items in our raffle baskets was custom made by Pixie Dust Gal (Kelly). Kelly created handmade Alice in Wonderland inspired necklaces and matching earrings for each basket. Jewelry making is a talent of Kelly’s and she ran with the inspiration and created one of a kind pieces not only for the baskets but for both her and I to wear to the event. I had an incredibly difficult time selecting the pieces I was going to wear so Kelly let me select two different sets. One to wear in the morning as the White Rabbit and one to wear as The Queen of Hearts in the afternoon. Even after the event I continue to wear both sets. They are very special to me because Kelly made them. I am hoping that the raffle basket winners also enjoy wearing the art she created as much as I do.

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